Our Story

Frontier Youth Trust is a movement of pioneering youth work. We are a movement calling and working for a better world for young people.

We are home for pioneer youth work. We are a mission community active in building a better world for young people. Connecting together sustains and equips isolated youth workers. We meet online, at our national gathering, in regional hubs, and in collaborating on joint projects.

We are improving and increasing practice on the ground. Through training, coaching, practical resources and showcasing good practice, we are resourcing and equipping Christians to take pioneering risks in their work with young people.

We are calling others to pioneering youth work. Together this movement has a loud voice. In theological thinking, campaigning, sharing good ideas, telling stories, we are inspiring and challenging others to join the pioneer movement to reach young people on the margins

Fifty years ago, an inspirational group of imaginative youth workers came together to rethink mission to young people at risk. They upturned practice and challenged theological thinking. Today Frontier Youth Trust is a growing movement of pioneering youth workers, committed to reaching young people on the margins.

Get involved

Find out how to join the movement on the Get Involved page.
Or write to us at 434 Forest Road, London, E17 4PY
Tel: 0121 771 2328
Email: info@fyt.org.uk

Our inclusion statement

Frontier Youth Trust is passionately committed to equality. As such, we will seek to embrace and champion those who are often marginalised in Christian communities and the wider world, regardless of economic power, age, gender, gender identity, mental health, mental ability, physical ability, race or sexuality. As an organisation and a movement, we will be proactive in affirming all as fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

We recognise that we don’t always get this right. We can be unaware of our own prejudices, and we have not always been vocal enough about the things we stand for. At such times we will humbly seek forgiveness, and seek to make right what has been wrong. We will work to eliminate discriminatory behaviour wherever it is found and educate those who show prejudice, as we pursue a better world for young people.