Yes To Inayat

On Friday 1st July FYT’s AIMCommunity are celebrating their grand opening of AIMCentral with the Mayor of Bournemouth, dignitaries and the local community. AIMCentral came about, when Bournemouth Borough Council handed over the running of one of their youth centres to AIMCommunity. Through this remarkable partnership, the opportunity to build a better world has begun to become reality.

Richard Newland tells us more: For 8 years now, we have been mentoring and fostering creativity among the children and young people of Bournemouth and Poole, helping them to develop skills and confidence. More than that, we are offering them a glimpse of another world, a world where people love and care for one another, and creating opportunities for them to take part in pursuing it.

Just before Christmas, one of our music groups wrote and recorded a song called “Share Christmas”. Its message was about reaching out to lonely elderly people over the festive season. They posted it online and invited all those who played or downloaded it to donate to Age UK.

Over the last few weeks, one of the very first young people who attended our project, as a 9 year old, has returned to participate in our courses. Chatting with him, it is clear that the support, encouragement and relationships, built through his engagement with AIM over the years, have made a huge impact.

Now a young man in his late teens, he is looking to find ways to share his journey with younger children who are situations similar to his own. Amid all of the excitement of these early days of AIMCentral, one event has perhaps come to symbolize the idea that we are building a better world – an event which has been seen and shared by over 5000 people on Facebook.

A few weeks ago, our friend Inayat turned the grand old age of 7 years old! Her family organised a lovely party for her and Inayat invited all of her classmates. Shockingly, their parents returned the invitations, saying…“No to terrorists”.

Inayat and her family are Muslim. We were shocked to find this attitude so close to home and we wanted to shout “NO” to ignorance and hatefulness. At the AIM Showcase, we celebrated Inayat’s 7th birthday with singing, cake, presents and pizza. So we say “YES!” to a different world! “YES” to cake, presents, pizza and singing! Most importantly we say “YES” to Inayat!

Happy Birthday!