The Tales Retold

Through our work with young people on the edge, we’ve found that the Bible can often be inaccessible. The metaphors can be hard to grasp, especially for those who come from a non-book culture. StreetSpace projects up and down the country have long been re-contextualising parables and stories and a generous grant from the Westhill Endowment Trust has enabled us not only to gather these stories together, but also write more.

At we are collecting together retellings of Bible stories, which we hope will be a great resource for all who work with young people. Here’s an example – a familiar parable retold by Cathy, who works with young people on an estate in Weston-Super-Mare.

The Kingdom is like ten cheerleaders, who took their pom-poms and went to support their marathon runner. They took up their position and started cheering. Five of the cheerleaders were disorganised and brought one bottle of water for the event, and the other five took two bottles of water. When the runner was delayed the cheerleaders started to get thirsty so stopped to drink a bottle of water. Then they continued to cheer.

After a while the crowd got excited and the cheerleaders knew the athletes were nearby. “Share your water with us so we can all keep on cheering” said the disorganised cheerleaders to the others, but the others said “no we need that so we can keeping going, go and find some of your own”. Whilst they were still looking, the other cheerleaders shook their pom-poms and cheered the runner on, all the way over finish line.

The runner was so pleased with those who had cheered, they were invited to the after race party. The five disorganised cheerleaders tried to go along too, but the marathoner said to them, “you were no use, you didn’t cheer for me when it counted – you don’t get to join in the celebrations now!”

We’d welcome submissions, so if you a Bible story that you have retold, or would like to contextualise to fit the young people that you support, please do email it to us at