FYT Patron’s Event

FYT has just celebrated the amazing support it receives with a Patrons Event held at the Palace of Westminster sponsored by our Patron Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP.
We were so pleased to be able to invite supporters from around the country to join us at the Houses of Parliament and talk about the young people and their youth workers on the edge in the UK that FYT exists to benefit.
During the event we heard from a young person with his worker who are part of the StreetSpace community of practice, we were inspired by the work of AIMCOMMUNITY, and prayed for the work and those benefited by FYT.
We were very thankful to Stephen Timms who welcomed all those at the event, sharing how he had been influenced by one of FYT’s key thinkers & theologians, Jim Punton and how he has both followed FYT’s work in and past and visited FYT projects recently.
Alastair Jones highlighted the work that FYT has done over recent years and what it is excited to be looking forward to over the next season as it seeks to be a home for youth workers and inspire and resource even more in the future to think creatively and work on the edge with young people.
A youth worker from Courtyard, Tadz Billam introduced Artur who had become a young leader and described how he along with other young people had helped to plan a fashion show that raised funds for a local project.
Tadz was interviewed by Mark Vernon, FYT’s new chair, and highlighted the ways that FYT and the StreetSpace community of practice were able to support him locally in his work and across the Courtyard projects. He is eager for FYT to be able to extend their regional support work and help to make other youth workers feel less isolated in their work.
We also heard from Richard and Kenny of AIM Community in Bournemouth & Poole hearing about the wide variety of ways that they use the creative arts and technology to work with young people who are affected by the issues of poverty in their community. It was particularly poignant, the way that their work among young people who are not in formal education are being supported by their Aim Arts Academy.
We had a time of prayer for the work across FYT which currently covers England, Scotland and Wales. Supporters, trustees and other valued guests were able to creatively respond in a variety of ways, reflecting how FYT serves those youth workers who work on the edge with young people and the innovation and new projects that FYT champions.
FYT is so grateful to all its supporters and whether they were able to make the event or not we would like to thank you all for making our mission possible and helping to bring The Kingdom closer in communities and the lives of young people at risk.


Prayer Activities

Tadz Billiam and Artur from Courtyard

FYT’s Patron’s Event

AIM Community

Rt Hon Stephen Timms, Chair Mark Vernon, Debbie Garden, Alastair Jones