Alastair is Cycling to the Edge with Fred

For the past few weeks Alastair Jones our CEO has been training for the hardest thing he thinks he has ever done… 3 marathons, multiple other runs and bike rides have nothing on the Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge.

Alastair says, “Frontier Youth Trust believe Another World is Possible and I’m doing this brutal bike ride to support their work with young people at risk.”

On the 8th May he attempts the 112 Miles with 12,000 feet of vertical climbing on up to 30% hills of Hardknott, Kirkstone and Wrynose Passes (to name just a few). Referred in cycling circles as “The Fred”, an expert cyclist has described it like this…“With an elevation profile the shape of an angry Shark’s gob in desperate need of a dentist; the Fred Whitton is, well, a proper git of a ride”.

It is described as the hardest cycling challenge in the UK and even as hard as European rides taking in the Alps. While training for the ride through this year’s winter weather and with the Fred’s reputation for severe weather on the day of the event, Alastair has learnt the meaning of “Type Two Fun”. Which is basically something you definitely only enjoy once you have finished and have warmed up after a very painful shower.

We realise this is a busy time of year for sponsorship and we are so grateful for the way that FYT’s members and supporters are generous throughout the year. However if you are able to encourage Alastair on the 8th May and in so doing support Frontier Youth Trust, anything you can spare will make a huge difference. We are so thankful to friends, the FYT Community and all of you who wish to support pioneer youth work with young people.

Fred Whitton Update!

He did it! …and here is a picture of Alastair on the finish line. He looks a bit weary but after 7 hours 47 mins in the sun it was quite unsurprising. He would like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who supported and encouraged him. “It made a massive difference especially as I was faltering in the heat on Hardknott Pass to know so many people were supporting, and praying for me! I was so relieved and uplifted to reach the end and know it was over as well as completing the challenge.” 

So far including last year’s Cheshire Cat Sponsorship you have generously donated over £650 and the page will remain open for a few more weeks if you would like to give.

You can still donate online using this link: Cycling to the Edge