Advent | God moved into the Neighbourhood

God moved into the Neighbourhood

The morning God moved into the neighbourhood, Doris saw him. He slipped past her window and left a leaflet at Mr Deane’s next-door. “Idiot,” thought Doris, “like that old goat’s going to be interested in God, He’d be much better off visiting the old folks’ home down by the school. “They’re all closer to meeting Him after all!” She cackled. But she couldn’t help feeling hurt that He hadn’t popped in to see her.

When Michelle came later to tidy up and sort out Doris’ pills, Doris was ratty, moaning about God. “God,” thought Michelle, “she do go on,” and texted her neighbour to check if they needed anything at Morrisons.

Michelle emptied the basket onto the conveyer belt, and looked up, She started at the till lady who was beeping the shopping through; “Oh God, What are you doing here?” “I moved into the neighbourhood; Didn’t Doris tell you?” Michelle blushed, “Um, probably. She was banging on about you. I wasn’t listening properly… I think she’s cross that you haven’t popped in.” “I know. I’ll get to her. That’s £26.34 Michelle.” Michelle searched in her purse, “Doris was saying you left a leaflet in Mr Deane’s, she thinks you’re mad, he’ll never come to church no matter what you’re advertising.” God smiled, “It wasn’t a church leaflet, it was a pizza menu. He loves pizza and his home-help only gets him the cheap ones that you cook at home.” “Oh right,” Michelle paid and said goodbye.

“I’m so glad you’ve moved in; it’ll make such a difference to everyone.”
God brushed her hand, “It really won’t. Any difference is going to be down to you Michelle.” Michelle laughed, “Me?!” “You. And everyone.”
God turned away and greeted the next customer.

Michelle texted Doris:
Doris replied:

This reflection was written by Debs North from Lemon Jelly for our Advent Series on John 1:14 from the message (‘The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.’).