A Message from John Wheatley & Dylan Barker (two thirds of Frontier Youth Trust’s new Leadership Team)


Dear Friends

You may have heard by now that we have been appointed to the new Frontier Youth Trust Leadership Team. John joined the team in 2011 and Dylan in 2014. Over the last few years we have been working on curating a community of pioneering youth workers that we know as StreetSpace. This is a wonderful group of inspiring people who have led us to re-focus our vision.

So it’s time for a new era for Frontier Youth Trust. Over the 12 months we have been through a review process – which many of you contributed to – and as a result, we are focusing all our time and resources on building a movement of pioneering youth work. It is our vision for Frontier Youth Trust to be home for pioneer youth work; to improve and increase practice on the ground, and to call others to this pioneering way.

Many of us on our journey to the margins found help and resource in others who could walk alongside us. We want Frontier Youth Trust to continue to be a home for these pioneer youth workers, and call and equip others to join the movement too. We are hopeful some will join the close community of FYT, but we know that some will travel with us more lightly, and some will simply use our resources and experiences to take their first pioneering risks.

To inspire, equip and lead this movement, Frontier Youth Trust is appointing a leadership team. John has been appointed to the role of Movement Leader, building a home for pioneering youth workers; and Dylan, in the role of Movement Enabler, will be curating opportunities to resource and equip a movement of pioneer youth work. To join us, we are appointing a Movement Advocate – a champion to work on behalf of our movement, speaking out about the issues and themes on the margins to call others to join the party.

We hope you agree that this is an exciting time for Frontier Youth Trust and this community of pioneering youth workers. There will be many opportunities in the months and years ahead to contribute to this new adventure, and we look forward to collaborating with you to shape a movement that’s building a better world for young people.

Big love,

 John & Dylan