Training Themes & Costs

FYT provides youth work training and support across the UK.

FYT is keen to support groups of youth workers (qualified and non-qualified, voluntary or paid, centre-based or detached etc.) in their own locations and areas of work. We are able to offer a range of youth work training designed to meet local needs.

If you are looking for individual support as a youth worker FYT can support you with our Alongside coaching.

The types of subject areas that we are able to deliver include:

  • Introduction to Youth Work
  • Team Building in Youth Work
  • Responding to Challenging Behaviour
  • Detached Youth Work
  • Understanding Young People
  • Understanding Your Community
  • Pastoral Support for Young People Identifying as LGBT
  • Communication
  • Group Work
  • Mission and Youth Work
  • Pioneer Youth Work
  • Setting Up a Youth Work Project
  • Evaluation in Youth Work
  • Spirituality and Young People
  • Youth Culture
  • Young People and Learning
  • Project Planning and Development Funding
  • Young People and Participation
  • Community Organizing
  • Work with Volunteers
  • Theological Reflection

If you are interested in a training or workshop event in one of the areas above, or in other youth work related themes (by negotiation and discussion) we would ask you to:

Locate and book the venue, advertise and bring the biscuits!

Ensure that at least 12 people attend for a minimum of 1 hour to 2 hour session


FYT describes itself as a missionary community committed to justice, equality and community. People who ask us for training vary a lot in terms of resource availability and we never want finance to restrict us from helping. We are delivering training to some groups in real need, with little or no finance, and operating on a purely voluntary base in areas of high deprivation and, by contrast, have delivered to groups who have more resources, we hope that groups will examine their own means and pay for our involvement based on this. As guidance, we offer the following suggestions:

For an evening session (depending on travel time) a suggested figure of between £50 and £150 would be appropriate plus travel expenses.

For a day session a suggested figure of between £150-£300 would be appropriate plus travel expenses.

Event hosts are free to set their own charges for people attending the events and pass on profits to a local project in their area.

If you would like to discuss this further, have questions, or would like to consider FYT’s involvement then please contact the Alongside team email: