StreetSpace is youth work that starts where young people are in the community. It values and promotes quality voluntary relationships between adult youth workers (usually Christians) and young people that may take time to develop. These kind of relationships go through a number of stages; for example, from ‘cold contact’ on the street to a mutually organised trip to a neighbouring town or city.

Eventually StreetSpace would work with young people to take action on the things that concern them most in their area. An example of this is the way that in the south west we have worked alongside young people to get lights and improved ramps in their skate park area. A longer term possibility is that young people might develop a meaningful expression of church alongside the adults, we call this ‘church on the edge’.

Who’s it for?

We work in two ways:
Firstly we can help get projects set up from scratch, or help a church or organisation that wants to expand it’s youth work into the local community e.g. through detached work. Projects can partner with us or set up a local StreetSpace project under licence.

Secondly we run StreetSpace/Church on the Edge Alongside which is about mentoring and coaching local people around missional youth work and being part of our community of practice, a network of like minded people to share and discuss ideas with.

Where’s it based?
Nationwide, see StreetSpace Project Map:  Here

For more information on StreetSpace contact Richard Passmore email:

Read about the work and practice of StreetSpace in the book available from FYT “Here Be Dragons”

For more information and news visit the StreetSpace website