What is Kilter?

Kilter is a movement of Christian youth workers and youth ministers who are committed to promoting gender equality and challenging gender injustice through their own practice, thereby bringing about social change on the frontline.

We believe that gender justice is at the heart of the gospel and that Christian youth work culture has a key role to play in ensuring equality of opportunity, creating environments and systems which are empowering and providing an alternative experience of life to that offered by society in general.

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Kilter Pledge

We’re asking youth workers to make a pledge, that in their life and youth work they will be proactive in promoting gender equality and opportunity and challenging injustice. When you sign up, you’ll receive regular updates about resources available to you and events you might find valuable.

Kilter Pledge


Tell us your story…

We are trying to get a picture of what’s going on for our young people and in our youth work contexts, so we are collecting stories from youth workers and young people about their experiences. If you have a story about gender equality – good or bad – we’d love to hear from you.

Tell us your story…



We want to help you as you seek to develop gender justice in your work, so we’re offering you a range of resources:

Information sheets which give you an overview of different issues you might find yourself encountering in your work with young people as well as suggesting some ways of exploring the issue further and signposting additional sources of information and resources. They are available to download as PDFs.

Information Sheets

Reflections which look at what’s happening in the world and help you consider how culture and current events relate to youth work theory and theology.

Blog Entries

Online self audit tools, created by The DAY Programme, to help you to think through your own practice and attitudes and what’s going on in your church or organisation.

Take The HUGE Test for youth workers

Take The HUGE Test for organisations

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Podcasts by practitioners, sharing their thoughts on a range of different issues. They are available to download as MP3s.


Events, some organised by Kilter, others organised by members of the movement, to help you develop the skills and acquire the information you need to work effectively with young people.