FYT has a 50 year history of working with pioneer youth work projects, youth charities and churches across the UK. Alongside is FYT’s project that is there to share our experience of supporting, training and inspiring Christian youth workers with you or your team.

We recognise that youth workers sometimes need support, encouragement, professional development opportunities or just someone to talk to or run ideas by. We also know that having such support can be life-changing, empowering and transformational. That’s why we have set up FYT Alongside.

Alongside involves journeying with both individual youth workers and/or organisations to help them to put their best into and get their best out of their work with young people. This journeying can take the form of coaching (helping individuals to improve their skills and achieve their goals), non-managerial supervision (providing individuals with space to reflect on and learn from their work) or consultancy (helping individuals or groups to better understand and respond to their situation).

For more details, please see the Alongside information sheet, available here: Alongside Brochure.

To discuss how we might help you, please email us: 

Who’s it for?

Any individuals or organisation who are interested in the benefits of coaching, space to reflect, help with project development, establishing youth work strategy, theological reflection, exploring mission and values, best practice, recruitment, training and/or youth work resources and ideas, or evaluating the success of their youth work.

Where’s it based?
Wherever you are.

FYT’s Alongside is core to the work of FYT. 

Alongside is a service and support provided by FYT’s experienced staff of professionally qualified youth and community workers.