What is AIMCommunity?

AIMCommunity is a creative arts and mentoring programme in Poole and Bournemouth. Since its beginning in 2007 as part of the Salvation Army RockSchool Poole, the project has developed into many new areas and streams of work. It is now working with young people at risk as a project of FYT.

Working in partnership with local schools and the Local Authorities, AIMCommunity has been able to provide engagement and development opportunities for young people, many of whom would not have had the chance to explore music, dance or other creative arts. During the Spring of 2012, AIMCommunity is working with around 300 pupils aged between 7 and 16 each week.

However, our work is not just that of a ‘normal’ music project.

With our twin focus on personal skills development alongside the creative skills element, we are providing opportunities for each young person to aim higher and reach their potential.

Who’s it for?

Working with young people including those at risk of social or educational exclusion

Where’s it based?
Poole, Bournemouth

Description of FYT’s involvement

FYT has partnered with AIMCommunity to deliver projects as a new piece of work for FYT since September 2013 continuing the outstanding work of the project over the previous 7 years with the ALOVE / The Salvation Army. AIMCommunity FYT is now central to the work of FYT.