A new future? FYT leadership consultation

Over the past six months, we have been reviewing FYT’s calling, vision and work. Part of this process has been exploring whether our organisation and staffing structure is the best fit for the mission we believe God has given us and whether an alternative structure might help us to function more effectively.

A strong theme throughout our discussions has been the significance of FYT as a movement – the community of people who are united by their passion to engage in God’s mission to young people on the margins and committed to supporting one another in that calling. As FYT (the charity) exists to support this community, we need hear from you, the members of this movement, about whether we’re making the right plans for the future.

This document (download here: FYT Leadership Structure – Consultation document) briefly sets out a proposed new approach to the leadership of FYT and some of the thinking that has led us to this point. We warmly invite you to read it and send us your feedback. There are some questions included in this paper, which you may find helpful in formulating your response, but please do not feel tied to or restricted by them.

In order that we can process feedback prior to the next Board meeting, the closing date for responses is 9th February 2018.

Thank you very much for your help and support.