New for 2017: Leaders Workshops

Book now for our new Leadership Training scheme…

Our first workshop will be on the pressing issue of Grant Fundraising.

This summer, Frontier Youth Trust and Worth Unlimited are launching a new series of workshops to equip emerging leaders to build, sustain and manage their pioneer youth projects. There are lots of small churches and community organisations out there with brilliant people doing brilliant youth work.  But we know that lots of them have found themselves leading their youth project or programme without necessarily being equipped and trained to tackle the organisational challenges.  We want to equip those individuals to thrive in their leadership roles; and in doing so enable the sector to succeed, building a better world for young people.

This new training will be in the form of 1-day practical workshops in small groups of 6-10 people. We believe people want time during a training event to explore the practical issues of their context, and to return home with something tangible in hand. We anticipate that learners will do some preparation in advance, bring their work with them to use as a focus for the day – and will leave with something to implement in their project.

Summer 2017 Workshops: Grant Fundraising

At it’s core, fundraising is about winning others to a vision of how things could be and inspiring them with excitement and enthusiasm for your plan of how that vision can be accomplished. We hope  that this workshop will shape the mindset with which participants approach fundraising as well as teaching them practical skills.

Glasgow: Monday 19th June
London: Tuesday 27th June
Birmingham: Wednesday 5th July

Book now. Email or call 0121 771 2328. Cost £30. Lunch included.

 Planned workshops for September 2017 onwards include Communication Strategies, Measuring Impact, and Recruiting Volunteers.  




Grant Fundraising Workshop Details

Only 10 places available for each workshop.

Glasgow – in Motherwell, 19th June
London – in Walthamstow, 27th June
Birmingham – in Bromford,  5th July

Facilitated by Catherine Bartlem from Coffee Tots in Coventry

Workshop Aims:

  • Learners know where and how to find grant trusts that are likely to fund their work.
  • Learners can simply articulate their project’s story; including why they exist, what they are doing now, what they plan to do, and what difference they make.
  • Learners can put this story into writing, in a brief, engaging and tailored format.
  • Learners can produce a realistic budget for their work.
  • Learners can compile all the information and evidence required to submit a grant application, and to report on work if successful.
  • Learners leave with a mostly-completed grant application for a piece of work they are currently doing or planning – with a checklist ready to get it sent-off.