Cycling Up Mountains

Alastair is cycling up the French Alps because young people matter.

“Recently I have tried to exceed my previous cycling challenges as a way of supporting young people who matter to me and Frontier Youth Trust (FYT). This year I think I may have reached the limit”

On Sunday 2nd July Alastair Jones our CEO cycled the Marmotte, at 176km (110m) long and climbing up 5000m (15,000ft) of French Alps finishing at the top of the famous Alpe D’Heuz climb. It has been described as one of the previous hardest mountain stages of the Tour de France.

This year many young people made their voices matter as they voted for the first time. Young People do matter and FYT provides resources and support of youth workers to make a difference in their lives. FYT want to make sure it can continue to support youth workers who also believe young people matter as we encourage them to believe another world is possible.

If you would like to support Alastair and FYT you can do so online or even send in a donation to the office.

To donate now follow this link:

Thank-you very much for any support you can offer and Alastair would like to say a huge thank-you to all those who sponsored him supporting FYT.

He completed the trial in 9hrs 16mins and you can watch most of the course as part of the Tour De France on 19th July (stage 17) later this month.

Here are some pictures from the valley and at the finish line of the Marmotte.