Introducing our New Movement Advocate

We are pleased to announce that our new Movement Advocate is Gemma Dunning. 

As you may know, we have recently been re-exploring Frontier Youth Trust’s calling and developing a new team structure. With input from across the Frontier Youth Trust community, we identified three distinct roles, which together will lead and facilitate us as a pioneering movement. Gemma will be joining John Wheatley (Movement Leader) and Dylan Barker (Movement Enabler) in the new leadership team as the new Movement Advocate: a champion to work on behalf of our pioneering movement, speaking out about the issues and themes on the margins to call others to join the party.

Gemma introduces herself:

When I was a theology student it was the writings of Richard Passmore that let me know I was not alone. His reflections and learning resonated deeply with my practice at the time. Then just over 6 years ago I met John & Cathy Wheatley alongside Dylan Barker and very quickly I was adopted into the Streetspace Community of Practice. At the time I was engaging with young LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Questioning) people in my local neighbourhood and seeking to demonstrate the love of Christ to them. It was a lonely mission field and I needed a safe space to call home. Frontier Youth Trust have continued over the years and many different ministry adventures to be that safe haven for me and gifted me a sense of family.

More recently, I have moved with my family to London as a minister ordained with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Much of my practice continues alongside those on the margins and this roots me further into Frontier Youth Trust. I continue to meet more and more practitioners who find themselves out of the centre, yet I am passionate about us maintaining links with those in the centre, the bride of Christ needs a full and functional body for the days ahead.

I am excited and expectant for all the journeys that will undoubtedly be ahead as alongside John, Dylan and the rest of the movement we collaborate together to curate a home for pioneer youth workers.

We are really excited to have Gemma on the leadership team helping to build Frontier Youth Trust into a home for pioneer youth work; to improve and increase practice on the ground, and to call others to this pioneering way. We look forward to this next chapter.