Frontier Youth Trust at Greenbelt 2014

Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) has had an amazing weekend of work and thinking at this year’s Greenbelt 2014 “Travelling Light”

FYT was a significant partner in the original Greenbelt Youth Programme as part of its history and in this 50th year of FYT, provided 4 detached youth work sessions from 10pm-3am contributing to the Greenbelt Youth programme in the 24Hr Café. The evenings were packed with conversation, music, spirituality in gaming, challenge, and action.

There was an amazing response to our campaign to build trust for young people with over 1000 signatures obtained and a photo petition by young people. These included Gavin Shuker MP and the headline Greenbelt Big Top act “Folk On”.

Finally we also hosted and delivered our 3 youthworker training sessions with the Greenbelt youth programme which were well attended and had really good feedback…
“When I came into this tent an hour ago I had no idea who Frontier Youth Trust were. Now I have a lot of respect for you as an organisation and you are a youth work charity that I know I can work with.”, a youth worker after Monday’s final youth worker training session which nicely summed up the weekend we had at Greenbelt 2014.
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