Celebrating Life Together

StreetSpace engages a diverse range of young people, in a variety of cultures, through a myriad of activities, with a host of gifted, different, unique volunteers and staff, spread across Britain. I love this diversity in the StreetSpace community or practice, and how even though we are diverse we support one another and journey together. So at one level you could look at us say no two projects are the same, but equally there are many things that many project do that are the same or variations on a theme. In the last update John wrote about the Young Leaders Gathering and how several of our projects are connecting and growing young people as leaders and volunteers in their communities. Here the projects are able to centre their work around a particular programme (Zine), and young people will undertake very similar training delivered locally through our Zine initiative.

This Christmas many projects helped young people engage with the Christmas story, and the celebratory aspects of the festival, and here it was the diversity and creativity of the projects that shone through. In Coventry the team opened their community cafe on Christmas day for people to share lunch together. In Chard we explored the Christmas story lighting candles at our Meals and Meetings event to prepare young people for whom Christmas can be a difficult time and think about what we wanted to give to our community this year. Bournemouth held their first ever cocktails & carols in a gay bar where about 30 gathered together in cocktail attire and sang along to a small live band. What all the examples above and Zine have in common is that our work is centred around building relationships with one another, and our communities, about being real and celebrating life together.

Richard Passmore