Beyond the Makeover

A few weeks ago, we held the Beyond the Makeover learning day, exploring youth work with girls. Since the event, people have been continuing to think and ponder and we are now publishing a compilation of reflections from those who were there.

Beyond the Makeover was an Open Space event, which started with an opening talk followed by a series of conversations on a range of topics including:
• What makes a good girl?
• How do we help facilitate constructive relationships between the genders?
• What’s the role of men in girls’ work?
• How do we engage with young mothers as young people not just parents?
• How do we understand the sexualisation of girls in our culture and what might we do differently?

It was a fantastic opportunity to dialogue with one another to pool our wisdom and inspire one another, as the feedback showed.

“What a great day! I came away with so much to think about – inspired by all the great things going on, and challenged about the barriers we discussed to equality.”

“When I signed up for Beyond the Makeover I thought I’d be there with my literacy hat on. Instead, I found myself listening and questioning and thinking simply as a woman”

“The day was so interesting, there was a lot of stuff floating about that I’ve been mulling ever since.”

“What a cracking event! It was great to see all that was happening.”

“I like to think that I’m fairly up to speed on current affairs, thinking and issues. However during the day I my eyes were opened in many ways that I had not expected.”

To read more about what we talked about, what people learned and what people have been thinking since, download the pdf here:

Beyond the Makeover Reflections

If you’d like more information, or if you’re interested in holding an event to explore working with girls, please email