Advent 2018 – Elizabeth

This is the first in our Advent series of reflections, written by pioneering youth workers…

When he didn’t believe that I could bear a child
I wasn’t surprised
He always was a bloody know-it-all.

Then the days of silence
Of not being told
Of not being able to read his stupid writing tablet;

no wasting an education on a woman back in the day.

The miracle and I.
Curled up in each other.
Quietly gestating. Growing. Glowing.

The miracle, and my own small miracle
Of knowing, without being told
Of being and becoming my own self and story.

When he popped out, that old fool still had to remain silent.
As I screamed and keened and wailed my truth.

It didn’t matter that he chose the name
It didn’t matter that he got his voice back
He knew nothing.

I had miracles all over the place
And my voice.


By Debs North (


Join us this advent.

Frontier Youth Trust is a home for pioneer youth workers. As part of our shared rhythm of life we have invited pioneers from within our community to contribute a reflection about a character from the nativity story. We will be posting these reflections throughout advent.

We invite you to journey with us and discover the story afresh.