FYT mission statement: Mission with young people at risk

Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) works with young people at risk towards justice, equality and community. Motivated by the Christian faith and informed by its principles, we work with people of all faiths and none. Based upon our youth work experience and research we also support, resource, inform, advise and train those working with and on behalf of disadvantaged young people. FYT works through a diverse range of projects including StreetSpace, Alongside and AIMCommunity.

Frontier Youth Trust – our objectives:

  1. To work with young people at risk in ways which value their uniqueness, give them a voice and help them change the structures that do not promote justice, equality and community.
  2. To train and resource youth workers and youth organisations working with young people at risk and to base this training on our direct work.
  3. To publish materials which are resources for working with young people at risk and which give a voice to those on the margins.

Frontier Youth Trust – our values:

Mission community expressed in local, regional and national ways. A community which is in costly solidarity with those who are marginalised in society and church and which is engaged in theological reflection of its activity.

Pioneering movement which is flexible, creative and experimental, one which respects, listens to and identifies with those at the edges of society and church.

Nations movement with a commitment to develop, mobilise and serve frontier youth work in all parts of the UK. Our purposes: FYT exists in order that young people who are marginalised from church and society are able to:

  • Feel and experience God as well as hear Him
  • Contribute to changing the things which exclude them
  • Make a contribution to understanding and developing the Kingdom of God